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8 Maí

g hef fundi tilgang minn lfinu

You are the Presidental Barbie! While the rest of the world thinks the middle east is just where America goes to test out bombs, you actually realize it is an important section of the world. What’s more, I bet you enjoy taking World Geography!! Politics are important to you. If you are a GOOD Presidential Barbie, you realize that the Green Party sucks.

g hef stefnt etta fr 5 ra aldri og n hef g fengi a stafest.


8 Maí

Botninum n

J, a er ekki hgt a leggjast lgra. dag tkst mr a klra 3 mntna nlum. a gerist ekki miki verra en etta. Hr er svo eitt prf tilefni essa:

You are Beef Ramen!!
You are Beef Ramen! You are well liked, and you are
very socially adept and easy to talk to and to
get to know. People appreciate that you are
willing to pay attention to them. You normally
are a hard worker, though social life will
always come first for you.

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