22 Jún

What is a name?

The name of Valgerdur makes you very idealistic, sensitive, and inspirational. If these qualities are not understood and properly directed through music, art, or other creative expression, you could become jealous and possessive of those close to you. Your feelings are so strong that you are inclined to build your life around certain individuals and become wrapped up in personal love rather than seeking into the deeper truths of life; thus you could suffer losses in your affections and shattered ideals. You are generous and people are drawn to you because of your friendly and sympathetic nature. You lack system and order in your life and will often leave your own duties if someone calls upon you for assistance. When you are inspired and feel happy, life seems so wonderful; but you can be just as depressed and unhappy as well, feeling as if everyone is against you. The weakness of this name could create nervous breakdowns, or disorders related to the nervous system.

Sem g var a lesa bloggi hj henni Sunnu ngranna mns rakst g ennan nafnagreini. Samkvmt honum mun g festa mig vi Geir, lemja allar stelpur sem tala vi hann og soga r honum allt lf ef g htti ekki verkfri og byrja a tj mig gegnum listina. Einnig er g mikilli httu a f taugafall. Jja…dmi sjlf og endilega segi mr hva i fengu.

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